Symfony 2 + OAuth: a better way to integrate HWIOAuthBundle with FOSUserBundle

Many times we needed to develop a Symfony 2 based application which required OAuth integration. As there is no point in creating custom bundle and we usually use FOSUserBundle. To add support for OAuth based user authentication we can use HWIOAuthBundle. This post will describe a better integration of both bundles that will give your… Continue reading

Hello World. Rev. 2

Quick and dirty post. I’m back into blogging. Seriously. After almost fours years I’ve collected 9 posts on this blog. Quite impressive collection, isn’t it? Since today, I try to post a blog note every two-three days covering programming related stuff, open source projects, interesting tools and RPGs of course.

Compile PHP 5.3.11 on Debian Squeeze

Personally, I don’t like installing web servers, PHP, database engines from repository. Installing latest version released requires adding third party repository ( on Debian or EPEL on CentOS). You may basically don’t want to add any third party repository on your production server. Alternatively, in some cases, it may cause some dependency problems. In this… Continue reading